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On Saturday, May 10, 2014, voters in Frenship ISD approved an $85.2 million bond authorization package. Included in this bond package is the construction of a Ninth Grade Center across the street from Frenship High School, the construction of the district’s eighth elementary campus, technology and security upgrades within the district, renovations and expansions to enhance campus and extracurricular facilities, as well as standard maintenance improvements on numerous FISD campuses.

2014 Bond Project Update (June 22, 2016)

Upland Heights Elementary (located at 10020 Upland Avenue)

Progress of Upland Heights is right on schedule. The ceiling grid is currently being installed throughout the building, and the installation of light fixtures is nearing completion. All of the painting and staining of door frames and cabinets is complete.
The installation of carpet and floor tiles continues throughout the facility. The kitchen equipment has been delivered and will be installed soon. General cleaning of the work site is underway, and the outside irrigation system and landscaping is set to begin this week.
The project is progressing nicely with an anticipation of a move in date the first week of July. Upland Heights will open the doors to FISD students in August.

Legacy Elementary Life Skills Addition

In the final phase of construction for Legacy Elementary, the addition of the Life Skills wing continues this summer.
The interior walls and interior steel have all been painted, and all of the paneling work is complete.
Installation of light fixtures throughout the addition is nearing completion, and the plumbing fixture installation is set to begin soon.
The Legacy Life Skills addition will be completed this summer.

FISD Ninth Grade Campus (located just south of FHS Athletic Complex)

The Ninth Grade Center project has made significant progress during the month of June. The lifting and setting of many of the outside tilt wall panels has taken place this month, and this process will continue for the next few weeks.

Crews also continue to work on the underground electrical and plumbing installation.
Also, the new water service looping around the project installation is ongoing.
The FHS Ninth Grade Center is scheduled to open in August 2017.

District-Wide Security Upgrades

Security upgrades on all FISD campuses are set to take place this summer.

Currently, the installation of all Building Access Controls as well as interior and exterior cameras continues.
The expected completion date of the project is August.