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Frenship Foundation

The Frenship Foundation For Leadership is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the Frenship Independent School District. The Foundation provides monetary support through student scholarships and teacher grants to further educational learning while at FISD and beyond. We thank you for visiting our page and look forward to answering your questions and engaging you further in our programs and services!
 Our Vision
To be the premier non-profit organization supporting education in Frenship School District
Our Mission
To provide supplemental funding for educational programs and initiatives to further enrich student learning
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Frenship Foundation for Leadership is to solicit, manage and distribute supplemental funds for educational purposes in programs areas that may note be funded by the District. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter use of tax-based revenue. Donations are received from individuals, corporations and other foundations to fund educational programs and projects that are in alignment with the school district's strategic plan and to create an Endowment Fund. Programs will be funded from donations as well as a percent of an established Endowment Fund.