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Frenship ISD

2017 Tax Ratification Election » Frenship Tax Ratification Election

Frenship Tax Ratification Election

Frenship Independent School District will ask voters to decide whether the district can shift two cents from the Interest and Sinking tax rate, or Debt Service tax rate, to the Maintenance and Operations tax rate.

Frenship ISD TRE Informational GraphShifting these two cents will allow FISD to leverage additional state funding. These two “golden pennies” will bring more than $1.2 million in state and local revenue to FISD’s operating budget.


This new revenue will allow Frenship ISD to maximize state resources for priority instructional and facility maintenance and refresh.


The shifting of two cents does not increase the overall tax rate for Frenship ISD. FISD’s current tax rate is $1.49 with $1.04 budgeted in M&O and $0.45 in I&S. A voter-approved two-penny shift changes the M&O budget to $1.06 and I&S to $0.43 but would not affect FISD’s total tax rate of $1.49.