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District Calendar » Approved 2022-2023 District Academic Calendar

Approved 2022-2023 District Academic Calendar

Through collaboration with parents, District administrators, and representatives from all 14 Frenship campuses, the Frenship ISD Calendar Committee created two calendar drafts that were presented to the public through a survey. Based on feedback from parents, staff, and the community, 79% preferred Draft A and the Calendar Committee recommended that draft for approval.
On February 21 during the monthly school board meeting, the Frenship ISD Board of Trustees approved the recommendation by the Calendar Committee for the 2022-2023 District Academic Calendar. The approved calendar is listed below. 
Calendar Requirements
  • The State of Texas requires a minimum of 75,600 instructional minutes for students.
  • The calendar must have 187 working days for teachers. This includes staff development days.
Additional Information
  • Extra Minutes – This calendar has extra minutes built into the school year to allow for a cushion in the event school is delayed or closed due to circumstances such as bad weather.
  • Bad Weather Days – Students and staff are off these days unless they are needed. These do not count in the total staff days or student minute requirements. These scheduled bad weather days (April 7 and May 26) are in addition to the extra minutes built into the calendar as mentioned above.
  • Thanksgiving Break – All professional staff members are required to complete staff development hours prior to the beginning of school. These hours are part of the contract expectation and will allow for comp time the week of Thanksgiving. These are noted as November 21-22 on the calendar.
  • Testing Dates - The Texas Education Agency recently revised their assessment schedule. STAAR and End of Course assessment dates will be finalized in late April. The calendar will be updated once those dates have been set. These testing dates are usually in April and May.