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Remote Learning

Enjoy your summer, Frenship families!
Frenship ISD faculty and staff have worked diligently through this unprecedented situation to ensure Frenship ISD students continue to receive high-quality remote instruction throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis. Frenship has empowered our teachers to identify essential standards to focus on during remote instruction. 
The links below are individualized by campus and are resources your students are already familiar with using during on-campus instruction.
The packets provided have been prepared by your student's teacher in collaboration with their campus grade-level teams. Additionally, teachers will be reaching out to you by phone regularly to gather information, check on student progress, and answer instructional questions. 
To View and Download the Packets
Click Your Grade Level 
Frequently Asked Questions
Both packets have the same essential lessons and activities. The online instructional packet may contain links to videos or games for extra explanation or practice.
Yes. Call your campus to let them know you would now like to pick up a physical copy of the instructional packet.

No. There may be some assignments that require you to print the pages. Other assignments can be viewed on the downloaded packet and completed on a separate sheet of paper. Check with your teacher on the best way to complete the assignments.

No. Your teacher will be contacting your child to go over the lessons, review answers, and check for understanding of information and mastery of content.

As students learn remotely, we want to be consistent and fair with our grading practices. We appreciate your patience as we sort through these complex details. Please see the Grading Guidelines page for detailed information on the updated guidelines for the remainder of the 2019-2020. 

Each packet contains instructions on which lessons to complete each day or week.  If your child is confused, please contact their teacher through email or call their school.

No.  We want to check in on your student’s progress and well-being each day.  Please let your teacher know the best time for a phone call.

No.  Due to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order closing all schools until April 3rd, you cannot pick up their belonging until further notice. Please call the school if you need to pick up medications.

We are evaluating our District’s remote learning status every week. As of March 31, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has closed all schools through Friday, May 1. This means the schools will remain closed, but we will continue with remote learning. Based on the Governors orders, Frenship could tentatively reopen on Monday, May 4. We will continue to regularly update families as the situation develops.

The last day of this school year will remain May 21, 2020. 

Please fill out the request form:
Please visit the Technology Resources section of the website for a full list of WiFi accessibility options including our progress on providing “campus hotspots”.  You can access these by going to the designated locations and signing in with your Frenship user name and password as you would when in your teacher’s classroom or computer labs.
Email the FHS Technology Help Desk at:
  • Include a description of the technology issue, your name, ID number and cell phone number.