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Middle School

1. Click the icon for your child's grade level. Each grade level will have the same packet regardless of the campus the student attends.
2. Students can work directly off the digital packet or download the packet. The online version downloads as a PDF. Printing is optional. Assignments can be completed on a separate sheet of paper. If you have questions about completion of packets, please contact your teacher.
3. Each campus has additional digital resources that may be needed for some of the lessons. You can find those links under the Campus Resources section on this page.
Sample Remote Learning Schedule
These sample schedules are only a suggestion to help provide structure to the child's remote learning. 

Remote Learning Packets: May 18 - 21

sixth grade packet
seventh grade packet

gifted and talented packet
For Weeks 7 & 8 (May 11 - 21)

Dual Language Remote Learning Packets: May 18 - 21