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Report a COVID Case

What Should I Report?

Parents should notify their child's campus for the following:

  • If the student has a positive test-confirmed case
  • If the student has been tested but has not yet received the results
  • If the student is required to quarantine due to a positive test-confirmed case in their household
  • If the student is required to quarantine due to close-contact with an individual who has a positive test-confirmed case

How Do I Report the Information? 

Parents should report the above information as soon as possible to Frenship ISD. By reporting the information immediately, Frenship can make necessary notifications to staff and students in a timely manner.

Call Your Campus: Parents should call their student’s campus and speak to the school nurse to report the information. The school nurse will inform you of next steps.

After Hours Form: If it is after regular business hours, on the weekend, or a scheduled day off, please use the form below to report a student’s positive test-confirmed case. It is important for Frenship to receive notice of test-confirmed cases as quickly as possible so proper notifications to staff and students can be made. This includes notifying families over the weekend or after school hours if necessary.

This form should ONLY be used if you need to make a report after hours for a student who has a test-confirmed case. If you need to report other information such as requirements to quarantine due to close-contact, please call your campus during regular business hours.


Bennett Elementary: (806) 866-4443

Crestview Elementary: (806) 794-3661

Legacy Elementary: (806) 792-3800

North Ridge Elementary: (806) 793-6686

Oak Ridge Elementary: (806) 794-5200

Upland Heights Elementary: (806) 866-95411

Westwind Elementary: (806) 799-3731

Willow Bend Elementary: (806) 796-0090



Frenship Middle School: (806) 866-4464

Heritage Middle School: (806) 794-9400

Terra Vista Middle School: (806) 796-0076

FHS Ninth Grade Center: (806) 866-0110

Frenship High School: (806) 866-4440

Reese Education Center: (806) 885-2442