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Parking on Campus

Courtesy + Patience + Safety = Good Parking

Frenship I.S.D. always welcomes parents and visitors alike to stop and visit our campuses, meet the staff and participate in our campus activities. We gladly offer this courtesy, and in return, we ask that all our visitors be just as courteous to other visitors.

When arriving in a motor vehicle, we ask that all persons be safe and courteous drivers while on Frenship I.S.D. property and on the surrounding streets.
Ways to be courteous as prescribed the by TX Occupation Code Sec. 2308.251:
Do not park, stop or stand in any driveway. OC 2308.251(1)
Do not block other vehicles from exiting a parking space. OC2308.251(2)
Do not leave an unattended vehicle in a designated fire lane. OC2308.251(3)
Do not block designated ADA parking or ramps. OC 2308.251(4)

The sections listed may be enforced with a traffic citation.
Please do not park on the grass, or areas not designated as parking locations/spaces. 
Vehicles will be subject to towing at the owners expense.