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Frenship ISD

2018-2019 Calendar Survey

Frenship ISD is seeking the community's input during the creation of the 2018-2019 district calendar.
During the process of creating a calendar, school districts must follow the following guidelines:
Texas Education Code 25.081 and Board Policy EB (Legal) state each school year, a district shall operate for at least 75,600 minutes, including time allocated for instruction, intermissions, and recesses for students. All campuses at FISD operate on a 450-minute daily schedule.
Texas Education Code 21.401, and Board Policy DC (Legal) state a contract between a district and an educator must be for a minimum of ten months of service. An educator employed under a ten-month contract must provide a minimum of 187 days of service.

Additionally, Frenship ISD is currently pursuing a District of Innovation designation with the state of Texas.

House Bill 1842 (84th Session of the Texas Legislature) in part amended Chapter 12 of the Texas Education Code (TEC) to create Districts of Innovation. Districts are eligible for designation if certain performance requirements are met and the district follows certain procedures for adoption as outlined in Statute. The designation provides the district will be exempt from certain sections of the TEC that inhibit the goals of the district as outlined in the locally adopted Innovation Plan.


Currently, Texas Education Code 25.0811 and Board Policy EB (legal) state a district may not begin instruction for students for a school year before the fourth Monday in August. However, if a school district is approved as a District of Innovation, the district obtains flexibility in certain local school matters including selecting the first day of school in August

For more information, please visit the Texas Education Agency website at

FISD has drafted and shared two calendars for feedback. The chart below highlights the differences between the two calendar drafts:
Teachers Return Wednesday, August 8 Tuesday, August 7
First Day of School Monday, August 20 Wednesday, August 15
Student Instruction Days    
    Fall Semester 81 84
    Spring Semester 89 89
    Total Student Days 170 173
Minutes of Instruction    
    Elementary Campuses 76,140 77,490
    Middle School Campuses 76,260 77,610
    FHS/NGC/Reese 76,020 77,370
Monday, January 21 Staff Development Day Holiday
Friday, April 19 Weather Day Holiday
Please click the link below to view an informational video regarding the 2018-2019 calendar drafts:
For a full view of FISD's two calendar drafts for 2018-2019, please click the links provided below:
Also, please click the link below to participate in the calendar survey. We appreciate your assistance during the calendar creation process.