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Frenship ISD Band Programs Have Record Year in All-Region Honors

The band programs at Frenship ISD are continuing to make tremendous strides as middle school and high school band members had a record year in their recent competitions. 
Frenship High School band members earned honors a number of honors for All-Region and Area Band placements. It was a record year for Frenship High Band students as they placed 87 young musicians in the All-Region Bands.
The All-region Bands will perform on Friday, December 13th, from 6-9 PM at the Frenship Performing Arts Center and invites the community to come hear their talent. There is no admission fee for the performance.
Terra Vista Middle School also had huge results ar their All-Region Band auditions.
With nearly 900 students from around the area auditioning for 200 spots in the All-Region Band, TVMS had 24 musicians qualify for All-Region Band and four students qualify for All-Region Orchestra. This is the most students to ever qualify from TVMS.
TVMS Band Director, Ro Sanchez, said the hours of hard work put in by his students is all worth it seeing these results.
"The All-Region Orchestra is the highest honor that a middle school musician can attain and represents the top two percent of all band students in the area," said Sanchez. "Having four students make that group is an incredible honor, and having a total of 24 students make the band is absolutely awesome. We are extremely proud of these students." 
Below is a breakdown of how many students in each musical section received special honors.
Frenship High School
  • Honor Band – 35
  • Symphonic Band – 32
  • Concert Band – 20

    TOTAL Frenship students in All-Region Bands – 87

  • 1st Chairs – 6
  • Advancing to Area – 55
Students who advance to Area will be auditioning for All-State honors and to perform in the Texas All-state Band.

Terra Vista Middle School
Camila Trevino- 10th Chair Overall, 5th chair Symphonic Band
Isabelle Flores- 22nd Chair Overall, 8th chair Concert Band
Ethan Burda- 1st chair Overall, 1st Chair Honors Band, 1st Chair Orchestra
Reynaldo Loredo- 11th Chair Overall, 11th chair Honors Band
Zachary Betzold- 13th Chair Overall, 1st Chair Symphonic Band
Jazlin Almager- 19th Chair Overall, 7th Chair Symphonic Band
Emma Anselm- 30th Chair Overall, 4th Chair Concert Band
Jacob Sloan- 31st Chair Overall, 5th Chair Concert band
Alto Sax
Jai’la Abdullah- 8th Chair Overall, 4th Chair Symphonic Band
Joseph Young- 9th Chair Overall, 1st Chair Concert Band
Charlie Pitner- 2nd Chair Overall, 2nd Chair Honors Band, 2nd Chair Orchestra
Kaycee Cartner- 14th Chair Overall, 5th Chair Symphonic Band
Jonathan Mccullough- 21st Chair Overall, 3rd Chair Concert Band
Gabriel Varela- 22nd Chair Overall, 4th Chair Concert Band
Jaxon Landusky- 1st Chair Overall, 1st Chair Honors, 1st Chair Orchestra
Mathew Gillham- 8th Chair Overall, 2nd Chair Symphonic Band
Jacel Holoway- 10th Chair Overall, 4th Chair Symphonic Band
Halley Braddock- 12th Chair Overall, 6th Chair Symphonic Band
Michael Martinez- 16th Chair Overall, 1st Chair Concert Band
Tyler Jones- 18th Chair Overall, 3rd Chair Concert Band
Estevan Aguilar- 2nd chair Overall, 2nd Chair Honors Band, 2nd Chair, Orchestra
Taylor Wollenberg- 13th Chair Overall, 5th Chair Concert Band
Brody Cantu- 19th Chair Overall, 3rd Chair Concert Band
Wyatt Dix- 23rd Chair Overall, 7th Chair Concert Band
The four students who made All-Region Orchestra will be participating in the Orchestra All-Region Clinic Concert in January.
Congratulations to all of the musicians and their Band Directors! Go Tigers!