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Fast Growth School Coalition

The mission of the Fast Growth Schools Coalition is to provide a collective voice that educates and advocates investment in the states fastest growing school districts to deliver the high-quality education Texas students and taxpayers deserve.

Frenship ISD is one of 75 fast-growing school districts in Texas, and experiences the many challenges that come with significant growth. Funding challenges, staffing and equipment needs, and facility requirements are felt heavily by fast-growing districts. Out of over 1,000 school districts in Texas, the 75 fast-growing districts enroll over 33% of Texas public school children and over 78% of new students in Texas annually. 

The economic impact of fast-growing school districts has contributed to the unrivaled economic boom Texas has experienced, the so-called "Texas Miracle." Between 2000-2014, Texas fast growth schools invested $33.1 billion into construction projects. The district spending from fast growth schools equated to $70.5 billion in increased economic activity in Texas over that span. Additionally, the needs of fast-growth school districts support around 27,000 jobs and $24.7 billion dollars in labor incomes in downstream vendors and suppliers annually.

For further information about the important role of fast-growing schools in Texas public education please view the full TFGS Economic Impact Study.

Visit the Fast Growth School Coalition's website for more information about advocacy and the unique challenges faced by fast-growing schools.