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The Frenship Way

As part of the 2016 Frenship ISD Strategic Plan process, more than 40 members of the Lubbock and Wolfforth communities joined Frenship administrators to identify the qualities that Frenship seeks to develop in our students and staff. Through this collaborative process the group found ways to explain the culture of Frenship ISD and characterized those qualities as The Frenship Way. The Frenship Way encompasses the history, tradition of excellence, high expectations, and commitment to community and leadership that has defined Frenship ISD for our 80+ year history.

The Frenship ISD community continues to grow and become more diverse. Frenship ISD has used the 2016 Strategic Plan as a starting point of an ongoing journey to define, implement, and proactively perpetuate The Frenship Way in our management, instruction, and actions. Frenship ISD is committed to exhibiting The Frenship Way as a district by our servant leadership, instilling positive behaviors in our students and staff, and serving our community at every opportunity.

The Frenship Way SERVE Model stands for:
Smile - Greet and welcome everyone with a smile, make eye contact, say please and thank you
Engage - Connect with others, listen intently, ask clarifying questions
Respect - Be sincere, be considerate of others, be kind
Volunteer - Go the extra mile, help people in need, be proactive
Encourage - Speak enthusiastically, give your best, inspire others