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Student Transfers

Frenship ISD Transfer Information


New Student Transfers will be considered based on the criteria set by Frenship. Some campuses may not have space available for new transfers. There is a $35.00 non-refundable application fee for Out of District Transfer Applications. New Frenship ISD Students: New students to Frenship ISD must register and attend their home campus as determined by the district boundaries.


New Transfers

There is a $35.00 non-refundable application fee for all new Out of District Transfer requests. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Student transfer requests are considered on an individual student basis. However, the guidelines below are in place to ensure consistency in our process. The transfer requests will be reviewed by the Director of Student Services and if the transfer is denied, there is no appeal process. As long as the criteria for transfers continue to be met, the student's transfer will remain in place. An approval for one year does not guarantee nor imply the continued approval of future transfers into the district or to the same campus.

  • Due to the rapid growth in Frenship ISD, the Director of Student Services will generally deny requests for student transfers to campuses projected at 90% of capacity or greater.
  • Requests for an in-district transfer during the semester will generally be denied based on potential disruption of the educational program at both the assigned and requested campuses.
  • In-district transfers will only be given consideration when there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the Director of Student Services.
  • Sibling Transfers - Sibling status will not guarantee transfer approval. Requests to transfer to attend a school outside their attendance area with their sibling will be evaluated as all other requests and will not be given preference. Siblings must meet criteria for transfer eligibility.
  • Students not living within District boundaries will not be eligible to attend the Reese Alternative Campus.
  • New Out of district (Inter-District) transfers will only be considered through the first two (2) weeks of each semester.  
  • A resident student who becomes a non-resident during the course of a semester shall be permitted to continue in attendance for the remainder of the school year as long as they meet the required criteria. FDA (LOCAL). Parents need to complete an Out of District Transfer within 2 weeks of the move.
  • A resident student in kindergarten – grade 8 who is attending a district school and moves to another campus attendance area may continue for the remainder of the current school year to attend the school where the student was initially enrolled. FDB (LOCAL). A transfer form must be completed within 2 weeks of the move.
  • Employees' Students: A student whose parent is a Frenship ISD employee may remain on a campus that he/she has attended for at least the previous year if the parent transfers or is reassigned to another campus or to a district level position. In-District transfers for employees’ students will be approved to the campus where they work only. After completion of the grade levels at that campus the student must return to their home address feeder pattern.


  • Frenship does not accept Out of District transfer for PRE-K.
  • Parents whose transfer requests are approved will be responsible for providing transportation to and from the campus.
  • Student transfers may be revoked for lack of academic progress, poor attendance, late arrivals, or misconduct. FDA (LOCAL)
  • Transfers will be reviewed periodically throughout the school year to ensure transfer criteria are being met. Transfers may be revoked for failure to meet criteria. 
  • All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.  
Any questions concerning transfers need to be directed to the Office of Student Services at (806) 866-9541.  

Hours of operation during the school year: 

 Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


Hours of operation during the summer: 

Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Closed on Friday 

All transfer decisions are final and cannot be appealed.