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Frenship ISD

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Frenship ISD: A Fast-Growth School District

Frenship ISD has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 1935. Today, more than 80 years later, Frenship ISD is considered a Fast Growth School District by the Fast Growth School Coalition in Texas.
The mission of the coalition is to provide a collective voice that educates and advocates investment in the state's fastest-growing school districts. This means delivering high-quality education and making good use of tax dollars. 
The following criteria must be met to be considered a Fast Growth School District. 
1. Enrollment of at least 2,500 students during the previous school year; and
2. Enrollment growth over the last five years of at least 10%; or
3. A net increase of 3,500 or more students
As of the 2018-2019 school year, Frenship ISD had a total enrollment of 9,955 students. Additionally, over the last five years, Frenship ISD has grown by 12.8%. Therefore, Frenship ISD meets the criteria set forth by the Fast Growth School Coalition. 
Frenship ISD Chart
Frenship ISD enrollment has increased 35% in 10 years making the District the 13th fastest-growing school district in the state of Texas. In the last 10 years, student enrollment has grown more than 2,600 students. That number is almost equivalent to student enrollment at Frenship High School, 2,746. 
Out of 1,031 Texas school districts, the 75 fast-growing districts enroll more than 33% of Texas' public school children and more than 78% of students in Texas annually.
Frenship ISD Superintendent, Dr. Michelle McCord said the biggest challenge isn't the growth itself, it's trying to stay ahead of it. 
"The leaders of this District are determined to ensure the success of every student, staff and stakeholder of Frenship ISD," McCord said. "Their agenda is never personal, but always innovative and looking towards the future."
Every decision being made for Frenship ISD doesn't just have a short-term effect but has the capability of influencing the next 50 years. 
"Being able to serve as the Superintendent for Frenship ISD is a great privilege of my life," McCord said. "I am grateful to the parents of the District for entrusting us with their children, their education and their future endeavors."
Despite the fast growth happening across the District, one thing will always ring true for Frenship ISD - the character, traditions and culture of Frenship ISD will be preserved through every new challenge and opportunity that comes from being a fast-growth school district.