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Legacy Students Expand Their Reading Selections Through Book Tasting

Books fanned across tables ready to be ‘sampled’ by students during an activity dubbed a Book Tasting at Legacy Elementary. Each table was dedicated to a different category such as non-fiction, biographies, and famous authors, but one thing they all had in common – the books tended to be overlooked on the shelves.

“The goal is for the students to walk away with two books they wouldn’t have usually picked out and to expand their minds,” said Allison Robertson, Legacy Elementary media specialist. “I would love for the kids to try and read something they wouldn’t normally pull off the shelf.”

Split into several groups, the students had approximately two minutes to sample the books before rotating to the next table. If the students found a book they liked, they kept it to check out. Legacy students in second grade through fifth grade took part in the week-long Book Tasting, expanding their regular library visits.

 “I liked it,” smiled fifth-grader Jude Holt. “It was pretty cool, and I would do it again.”

Robertson was excited to hear the students like the activity and says she will continue to look for ways to engage students and make reading fun. “The ultimate goal is to increase their love of reading,” she said.