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Two Frenship ISD Teachers Selected as the Region 17 Teachers of the Year

While this is the third year in a row that a Frenship teacher has earned the prestigious award, it is the first time in Frenship history that Frenship teachers have been selected for both awards. 

Michelle Hilton and Syd Sexton, Region 17 Educational Programs Coordinators, presented awards to Kirk and Cisneros at Frenship Convocation on August 14. 

"It is definitely our pleasure and honor to announce that both Elementary Teacher of the Year for Region 17 and Secondary Teacher of the Year for Region 17 are both here at Frenship ISD," Hilton said. "In my time at Region 17, I don't know that that's ever happened."

Haley Kirk, Region 17 Elementary Teacher of the Year

Frenship is honored to have Haley Kirk, a fifth-grade science teacher at Westwind Elementary, as this year’s Region 17 Elementary Teacher of the Year. Kirk is in her fourth year at Frenship and is teaching at the very campus she attended as a child. She says she now has the privilege of working along side teachers who taught her as a Westwind student.

“I think of all those teachers who are with me now that poured into me, and I know that’s why I became a teacher,” said Kirk. “It’s just really humbling to be selected and see how all that love you pour into your students manifests.”

Ida Cisneros, Region 17 Secondary Teacher of the Year

Frenship is also honored to have Ida Cisneros, a RLA teacher at Frenship Middle School, as this year’s Region 17 Secondary Teacher of the Year. Cisneros is in her tenth year in education, all at Frenship ISD. For Cisneros, she says middle school is exactly where she is meant to be.

“It’s a unique opportunity to be a teacher in someone’s life. They’re impressionable, and I think it gives me the opportunity to love on them and pour into their lives with encouragement and support,” said Cisneros. “I believe strongly that all kids can learn. They learn in different ways and when ever that lightbulb comes on, it’s just really magical and rewarding.” 

Back in May, Kirk and Cisneros were selected as Frenship ISD’s Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year landing them spots in the regional competition with other teachers across dozens of districts. Now as the Region 17 2021 Teachers of the Year, both teachers will be in the running for the Texas Teachers of the Year along with the other regional award recipients.