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Willow Bend Elementary's Robert Nunez Receives 2023 Adelante Award in Education

Nunez, who has spent all 13 of his years teaching with Frenship, received the award under the Education category and was honored at the 7th Annual Adelante Awards Gala held on May 5. 

The Adelante Award program is an initiative by the Los Hermanos Familia, a non-profit organization that works to strengthen families and community. Through the award program, their goal is to honor men within the Lubbock community who excel in their careers, volunteer efforts, and service to others. 

“Receiving this award for something that is a way of life was made a little more special as I had the pleasure of being accompanied by my former kinder and fifth grade students,” said Nunez. “My first group of kindergarten students are seniors this year, and that is just a great sense of satisfaction knowing that they are graduating and experience achievement and success.” 

Nunez lives by the motto, “hard work pays off,” stating that receiving the Adelante Award gave him a sense of fulfillment, and motivated him to continue pushing boundaries, setting higher goals, and serving the community. 

“I hope that I can inspire others to follow their dreams. This nomination signifies that my work both as a teacher and servant in our community is appreciated by others, which is both rewarding and humbling. I share the value of this award with those who have come before me. It represents the support I have received from my mentors, colleagues, classroom community, and especially my parents. This nomination serves as a reminder that the work is not done yet; it inspires me to keep striving for excellence. I enjoy connecting my classroom families with resources in our community.”