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Frenship Shows Appreciation for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers play a major role in the education system. They are always ready for the call and answer the call eagerly and enthusiastically.  

“Frenship substitutes are passionate about serving our students and campuses. Our substitutes are very attentive, empathetic, and flexible. They are receptive to assistance and feedback. Most of all, they are devoted to our students each and every day,” said Jennifer Finan, Human Resources, Substitute Specialist. 

A great example of a substitute who does exactly that is David Doyle. After a career in education, he now spends his retirement involved in positively impacting the lives of students.  

“I completed my career as a teacher and elementary principal in the Lubbock ISD after working for 33 years. After retiring, I had a friend suggest I do some subbing at Frenship because there was such a great need for substitutes,” said Doyle. “My wife is also a career educator who works with students at LCU. I felt a bit guilty because she was working every day, so I thought I’d stay busy working as a substitute teacher.” 

With plenty of experience and knowledge with elementary school students, Doyle wanted to expand his skillset and work with an older group of students. Substitute teaching has allowed him to see the fruits of his labor.  

“My career as an educator was working with elementary students for all of those 33 years. I wanted to try something new, so I focused upon working with middle school and high school students for the last several years,” said Doyle. “I quickly found out that working with these students was both challenging and rewarding and provided me with a wide variety of opportunities to build new relationships with students and teachers.” 

While serving as a substitute teacher, Doyle has enjoyed creating intentional relationships with others and believes that teachers and administrators have the special opportunity to make a meaningful difference in students' lives.  

“My favorite part of subbing in Frenship ISD has been the new relationships I formed with students, teachers and administrators. I’ve always been intrigued about the teaching and learning process that takes place in our schools on a daily basis. Our teachers today are facing enormous challenges and yet so many are making a real difference in the lives of their students,” said Doyle. 

Frenship ISD cannot express enough appreciation for substitute teachers and the hard work they pour into the classroom. 

“We appreciate our substitutes and the great job they do every day helping us educate kids,” said Finan.  

There are substitute jobs available daily across our 15 campuses with provided training. If you are interested in substitute teaching, you must be at least 18 years old, have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent, go through a fingerprinting/background check, complete required paperwork, and attend a substitute orientation class.  

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