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Three Frenship Twirlers Advance to State

At the Region 16 UIL Twirling Contest Frenship had 8 twirlers compete against five other schools. The students participate in solo competitions as well as ensembles where the entire line performs a routine together. 

In preparation for the contest, the twirlers had weekly rehearsals since August with their amazing twirling coach, Amanda Tolley, where they work on learning and polishing their routines. 

On the day of the contest, the twirlers performed a solo and/or an ensemble for a UIL twirling judge. The performances include a choreographed twirling routine to recorded music of their choice. They are judged on the technical and artistic abilities exhibited. 

The schools do not compete against each other, but each solo or ensemble is judged against a UIL standard of excellence and is given a division rating based on their performance level:  Division 1 = Superior, 2 = Excellent, 3 = Good, 4 = Fair, 5 = Poor 

Frenship had five students who received a Division 2 - Excellent rating on their solos and three students who received a Division 1 Superior rating. Rachel Burgos, Kiera Blake, and Breylee Joslin will now compete at the UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest in Austin held in May. 

The entire Varsity Line received a Division 2 -Excellent rating. The JV team will compete at a later date due to an emergency surgery for one of the JV twirlers.  

Scott Carter, the Frenship High School Director of Bands stated that the band is excited for the three twirlers who have once again reached this level of superior performance. 

“Frenship High School has a long tradition of twirling excellence with many twirlers advancing to the UIL State Contest,” stated Carter. “Achieving this level of performance requires a great work ethic and lots of teamwork. We are very proud of them!”