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Fine Arts Programs Shine at Frenship

Across the district, Frenship Fine Arts groups are having many different performances each evening through Wednesday, December 20th. There are performances by elementary music programs, middle school theatre, orchestra, choir, and band programs, as well as high school orchestra, choir, and band programs.  

The beginning of December saw the performances of our Fine Arts Musical where theatre, dance, choir, band, and orchestra were able to perform Anastasia four times to a packed audience. Read more about Anastasia HERE

These programs take place at the end of the semester to showcase all the knowledge and skills the students have learned since the beginning of the school year. “It is great that these performances tend to align with the holiday season so these programs can help usher in a festive beginning to the holiday season,” stated Dr. Ryan Smith, Director of Fine Arts at Frenship ISD.  

One of the programs that took place during this season of winter showcases was the first-ever Frenship Orchestra concert. The Orchestra program is in its inaugural year at Frenship, and these students performed for a packed auditorium on December 11.  

“These students who in August had no idea what instrument they were going to play, were able to perform wonderfully beautiful and challenging selections,” stated Dr. Smith.  

For many of the students, these performances are the first time they have performed in front of an audience all year. It is always a special opportunity to perform music and programs that they have been working on for several weeks to friends and family. For parents and family members who have been hearing their student's individual theatrical lines or musical parts practiced at home for a while, now they get to hear how everything fits together collectively. 

For the secondary fine arts programs, this is a great opportunity for them to practice performing under added pressure to help them prepare for their group UIL contests that occur in the Spring.  

Being involved in the arts is not only exciting for the students but incredibly beneficial to their overall educational growth. These students learn to set goals and ask pertinent questions that are easily applied to their academic studies.  

“Fine arts allow an avenue where all students learn self-regulation and assessment skills,” said Dr. Smith. “Most of all, the fine arts environment allows students to take risks, experiment in their field, and take great joy in their individual and group productions and performances.”  

The Frenship Fine Arts program has continuously growth throughout the years, with the development of established programs and the edition of new ones. There is a group for anyone interested in arts at Frenship.  

“Please take a look at the Frenship Fine Arts Event Calendar, find a fine art group that you might be unfamiliar with, take a chance, and watch one of their performances,” encouraged Dr. Smith. “You will be awed and inspired by what you see and experience.”