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Frenship High School Dominates at SkillsUSA District Contest

Last weekend, Frenship High School students competed in the SkillsUSA District 3 Leadership and Skills Competition. Students from photography, digital media communication, and law enforcement showed off their skills and secured numerous state advancements.  

Additionally, several Frenship students ran for district officer positions and gave speeches to their fellow SkillsUSA members to encourage votes. In the end, six Frenship students were elected as District 3 officers.  

The SkillsUSA sponsors at FHS were extremely proud of their students at the district competition. Every Frenship SkillsUSA team qualified for state in some way.  

“I could not be prouder of our students who represented FHS with honor and integrity and showed the Frenship Way in everything that they did,” said Samuel Soto, Frenship High School law Enforcement Teacher.  

See below for the results: 

2024-2025 District 3 Officers 

  • Annela Camus 
  • Jaxon Gregory 
  • Addison Hutchison 
  • Maddison Sugg 
  • Trysta Anderson 
  • Abigail McRory 

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice Job Exhibit Team - 1st Place State Qualifier 

  • Kenzie Escalante, Mattie Rodriquez 

Criminal Justice Crime Scene Job Exhibit Individual - 1st Place State Qualifier 

  • Isabel Bucio 

Innovative Technology Criminal Justice Job Exhibit Team - 1st Place State Qualifier  

  • Neveah Pacheco, Nalani Sanchez 

Building Search- Second Place Silver Medal 

  • Abigail McRorey, Hailey Arenivas, Jasmynn Hoffman, Keltey White 

Crime Scene Investigation  

  • Wyatt Coulson, Violi Coppi - First Place Gold Medal- State Qualifiers 
  • Holden Gray, Isabel Bucio, Kenzie Escalante 

Felony Traffic Stop - First Place Gold Medal State Qualifier 

  • Neveah Pacheco, Nalani Sanchez 


  • Olivia Acuna, Haley Braddock, Maddison Sugg - First Place Gold Medal-State Qualifiers 
  • Parker Bowen, Tera Garza, Skylan Molina - Third Place 

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl 

  • Peyton Mccloud, 
  • Abigail McRorey 
  • Trysta Anderson, 
  • Jasmynn Hoffman 
  • Wyatt Onsurez 
  • Jonathan Vandenburg 

Tactical Response Group- 1st Place Gold Medal- State Qualifiers 

  • Peyton McCloud 
  • Keltey White 
  • Wyatt Onsurez 
  • Derringer Burres 


Photography Technical Skills Competition 

  • Olivia Thompson – Bronze Metal 
  • Jett Baker – Silver Metal 
  • Michael Maddox – Gold Metal 

Job Skill Demo A 

  • Jaxon Gregory – Gold Metal 

Community Service Team Leadership 

  • Olivia Thompson, Jett Baker & Simon Flores – Silver Metal 
  • Hayley Anselm, Jaxon Gregory & Michael Maddox – Gold Metal 

Job Interview 

  • Olivia Thompson – Silver Metal 

Promotional Bulletin Board Team Leadership 

  • Maribella Ortiz-Campos, Annela Camus & Seth Crump – Gold Metal 

Photography Print Competition 23 State Qualifiers 

  • Hayley Anselm - Portrait & Commercial Photograph 
  • Jett Baker - Portrait & General Photography 
  • Annela Camus - Portrait & Commercial Photograph 
  • Sam Davis - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Simon Flores - General Photograph 
  • Jaxon Gregory - General Photograph 
  • Addison Hutchison - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Michael Maddox - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Maribella Ortiz-Campos - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Olivia Thompson - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Hien Quach - Portrait & General Photograph 
  • Mia Troncosco - General Photograph 
  • Jonathan Vandenburg - General Photograph 
  • Jonathan Gutierrez - General Photograph 
  • Camden Reese - General Photograph 

Digital Media 

Television Video Production  

  • Canyon Rodriguez and Brayden Tomlinso - 1st Place 
  • Marilyn Branch and Rachel Forbes - 3rd Place 

Audio Video Quiz Bowl 

  • Jourdan Diaz, Canyon Rodriguez, Miranda Martinez, Kallyn Valdez, Camden Reese, Brayden Tomlinson and Jaxson Bailey - 1st Place 

Digital Cinema Production 

  • Jourdan Diaz and Osirus Zepeda - 3rd Place 


The Automotive Quiz Bowl 

  • Parker Dickens, Jacey Bruington, Addyson Pittman, Garrett Bell, Michael Conley, Chris Vinson, and Ethan Davis - 1st place 

Hands-on Competitions 

  • Parker Dickens - 2nd place in Automotive Service, 
  • Chris Vinson - 1st place in Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair, 3rd place for Automotive Trades Tool Identification 

Technical Testing  

  • Jacey Bruington - Silver in Power Equipment Technology  
  • Tyler Able - Bronze in Power Equipment Technology.  
  • Jacob Hargrave - Gold in Marine Technology  
  • Garrett Bell - Bronze in Marine Technology 
  • Parker Dickens - Gold in Aviation Maintenance 

Project Judging 

  • Garrett Bell, Jacob Garcia, Jaxon Landusky, and Tyler Able - "Superior" rating for a custom-built a Formula 1 style go-kart