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Frenship Orchestra Student Qualifies for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble

At the beginning of this school year, Frenship ISD launched its newest fine arts program, Orchestra. This initial group of students has already shown tremendous growth and set a standard of excellence and work ethic within the program.  

“It’s hard to believe that the Frenship High School Orchestra students have grown in their technical skill and musicianship as quickly as these students have,” said Darcy Radcliffe, Frenship High School Orchestra Director. “This speaks to their work ethic, dedication, and talent. I’m looking forward to what the future will hold for our new orchestra program.” 

Eight Frenship orchestra students competed at the recent UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest at Talkington School for Young Women Leaders. With only five months of instruction on their instruments, all eight students earned superior ratings at the Solo and Ensemble Contest. 

Adonis Bustillos, a sophomore cellist, performed two movements from the Bach cello Suite No. 1 by memory and qualified for the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest. The music selection that Adonis performed for Solo and Ensemble is very advanced and requires great skill and incredible focus, especially for a younger player. 

Bustillos entered the orchestra program at Frenship with previous playing experience that has aided in advancing the overall program by helping his classmates throughout the year.  

“His skill has served to heighten the level of the orchestra through his inspiring leadership,” said Radcliffe. 

The orchestra students at Frenship have steadily grown in their skills throughout the year and are already looking ahead.  

“This level of participation and outcome is an excellent measure for the health of our new orchestra program and a great indicator of what is to come,” said Radcliffe. 

Orchestra Students who performed at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest:

  • Tristan Duran                     
  • Aidan Camacho                 
  • Toren Gould                         
  • Isaiah Deleon                     
  • Azra Balcioglu                    
  • Abigail Duncan  
  • Joslyn Sabinas                    
  • Adonis Bustillos