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Frenship Art Students Earn Scholastic Art Awards

The Scholastic Art Contest is a national student art contest organized and sponsored by the Scholastic publishing company in New York. In West Texas, the regional contest recognizes hundreds of students in the region for their artwork.  

For the past 20 years, the regional contest was hosted by Wayland Baptist University in Plainview. This year the event has been passed over to the LHUCA art center with LISD helping. 

Students from all four Frenship middle schools and the high school earned recognition from the Regional Scholastic Contest. Artwork that receives a Gold Key award at the regional contest is automatically entered into the national contest, where judges from New York look at thousands of entries to select work for the national show. 

The majority of entries represent the best student work from selected class assignments and projects. 

“When teachers and students view the show, it is great to see and be inspired by all the creative ideas from area schools,” said Joey Maclean, Visual Arts Coordinator for Frenship ISD. 

Artwork from students who earned a Silver Key or Gold Key award will be displayed at the April First Friday Art Trail in the LHUCA Icehouse. There will be 27 works of art from Frenship students including both high school and middle school entries. 

Everyone is invited to see the show this Friday during the First Friday Art Trail from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the LHUCA Icehouse. The awards ceremony will be on Saturday at 1:00 p.m.


Artwork Artist  Grade Distinction 
Self-portrait Tessa Lewis 8 Honorable Mention
Self-portrait Angie Le 8 Honorable Mention
Red cat Lillian Anguish 7 Honorable Mention
Unfinished Business Annela Camus 11 Gold Key
A Ripple in Reflection Addison Hutchison 11 Silver Key
A Ripple in Reflection Addison Hutchison 11 Silver Key
lizard Deborah Pina 8 Honorable Mention
Timeless Olivia Thompson 12 Honorable Mention
The Queen Bee Annela Camus 11 Silver Key
Squid Games Jordyn Espenschied 8 Silver Key
Red Panda Angie Le 8 Honorable Mention
Red Panda Angie Le 8 Honorable Mention
Self portrait Chloe King 8 Honorable Mention
Suppressing Isabella Verastegui 11 Honorable Mention
lemon Isabella Verastegui 11 Silver Key
Strawberry Cow Tessa Lewis 8 Honorable Mention
Oh he's so cutey! Layla Smith-Hanna 7 Honorable Mention
red cat Lillian Anguish 7 Honorable Mention
party animal Alex Short-Boros 7 Honorable Mention
The Finale Leah Albarez 12 Gold Key
Kenny KenKen Sarah Edwards 7 Gold Key
giraffe Makenzie Ivy 8 Silver Key
self-portrait Deborah Pina 8 Silver Key
Self Portrait Olivia Villegas 8 Silver Key
Healed Soul Trysta Anderson 11 Silver Key
Reliance Respiration Trysta Anderson 11 Honorable Mention
Moody Blue 62 Camerin Walker 12 Honorable Mention
Flamingo Scratch Art Kami Johnson 8 Honorable Mention
The Beautiful Deceased Lady Anna Hoang 8 Honorable Mention
Self Portrait Alex Sanchez 8 Honorable Mention
Home Kaileigh Davis 8 Honorable Mention
Colors of a Soul Eva Bryer 8 Honorable Mention
Two Faced Fool Lexi Rodriquez 7 Silver Key
voicemail Isabella Verastegui 11 Silver Key
Bobcat branch Birdie White 7 Honorable Mention
The island Lily Williams 7 Silver Key
Duck Wood Carving Aubrey Hernandez 7 Honorable Mention
The Tree Kynlee Hacker 7 Honorable Mention
J1407B Birdie White 7 Silver Key
Zoomie Avery Howell 7 Silver Key
Sometimes I Forget What You Look Like Aerin Lacirda 8 Silver Key
Watercolor Eyes Adalyn Wittich 8 Honorable Mention
The lake house. Alleigh Denning 8 Silver Key
The duck Alleigh Denning 8 Silver Key
the tower Sabastian Garza 8 Silver Key
The colorful woman Alleigh Denning 8 Honorable Mention
The bird Alleigh Denning 8 Honorable Mention
Palmingo Trinity Harding 12 Honorable Mention
Don't Go! Andrea Irelan 12 Honorable Mention
Damaged Trinity Harding 12 Silver Key
Me And Myself And I Saige Castaneda 12 Honorable Mention
Dead Head Moth Madelynn Van Hoose 10 Gold Key
Honey Bee Ashlyn Landon 11 Honorable Mention
Squished Stormie Rayvon 12 Honorable Mention
Te Amo Brianna Wright 12 Honorable Mention
The Replacement of Man Chloe Wall 12 Gold Key
Internal Conflict Leah Albarez 12 Honorable Mention
Media Me Trinity Harding 12 Honorable Mention
Shock Renay Rivere 12 Silver Key
Inevitable Death Kendall Rigney 12 Honorable Mention
The Bipolar Carnival Chloe Morales 12 Silver Key
Plugs Elle Rasmussen 12 Honorable Mention
Marsh and Charley Quinn Busellato 7 Honorable Mention
Black Swan Event Luke Mancias 8 Gold Key
Nature's munch: The serene feast of a tortoise. Justin Almase 8 Honorable Mention
Distance Between Us Aniyah Gonzales 8 Honorable Mention
Neon utopia Armando Perches 8 Honorable Mention
Lost in a trance. Ariana Perez 12 Honorable Mention