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2020-2021 District Calendar

2020 – 2021 Academic Calendar Adjustments


As with all school districts, Frenship ISD must follow State requirements on the minimum number of instructional minutes for students in a school year. Each year, Frenship’s Calendar Committee plans for bad weather days in advance and includes extra minutes to accommodate possible cancellations or delays.


Frenship recently experienced the need to cancel two days of school on October 27 and 28 due to weather that caused dangerous driving conditions, and mass power outages. Even with the planned surplus of minutes, these cancellations have required the District to slightly adjust the 2020-2021 academic calendar to account for the loss of minutes on the second day of cancellation.  


As of November 13, 2020, Frenship ISD will remove the Early Releases for elementary and middle school campuses only on December 17 and 18. By going to school for the full day on these two days, Frenship will be able to add back 240 instructional minutes and will remain in compliance with the State’s instructional minute requirements with little disruption to the academic calendar. This adjustment does not impact the FHS Ninth Grade Center, Frenship High School, or Reese Education Center. Those campuses will release early as planned.


This also means the bad weather days scheduled in the spring on April 2 (Good Friday) and May 21 (Graduation Day) currently remain unaffected and are still planned for all campuses.


Summary of Calendar Adjustments:

  • All Frenship elementary and middle school campuses will NOT have an early release on December 17 or 18.
  • For grades 9-12, there are currently no adjustments to the calendar.