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Nicholas Copeland

Hello, I'm Nicholas Copeland, and I'm proud to be the Coordinator of Advanced Academics and GT Education at Frenship ISD.


My journey in education began at Texas Tech University, where I pursued my undergraduate studies. It was during those years that my passion for teaching and my desire to make a positive impact in students' lives truly took shape.

Seventeen years ago, I started my career as a high school math teacher. Teaching math allowed me to connect with students and inspire them to explore the beauty of numbers and problem-solving. This early experience as an educator laid the foundation for the fulfilling career that followed.


Driven by a commitment to challenge and engage gifted learners, I transitioned to teaching GT programs. Working with these bright minds, I found immense joy in nurturing their unique abilities and encouraging them to reach new heights academically.


As my passion for education grew, I ventured into the world of technology-driven learning. I started instructing courses in Computer Programming, Computer Science, and Computer Maintenance. Through these classes, my students not only acquired valuable technical skills but also learned how technology can be a powerful tool for positive change in society.


In pursuit of continuous growth, I decided to pursue a Master's degree in Education from Lamar University. This postgraduate journey deepened my understanding of educational theory and provided me with valuable insights to refine my teaching approach.


In my role as Coordinator of Advanced Academics and GT Education, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing gifted learners. My goal is to create a future where gifted education is accessible to all, empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators.


I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the educational journey of so many talented individuals. As I continue to inspire and elevate the academic community, I am driven by the belief that education is the key to unlocking a brighter and more inclusive future. Together, let's shape the world through knowledge and learning.



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