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Frenship ISD

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Financial and Retirement Resources

Region 10 RAMS/TCG (Retirement Asset Management Services
Customer Service:  #1-800-943-9179
TCG has a qualified network of financial professionals to help inform and educate you on the basics of financial and retirement planning as well as TRS.

TCG will be available to meet with employees to assist in completing the TRS Blue packet upon retirement.  Employees must request the blue packet form TRS.
TCG services are provided at no cost to Frenship employees or you can consult with any outside financial/retirement advisor. 
TCG District contacts:

Daryl Smith:              480.600.1716

Jesus Alvarado:        512.825.4704

Aaron Hennig:           214.434-4939

Clayton Puckett:        817.925.0032

Matt Escalante          714-747-8456 

TCG Seminar Dates:
Aaron Hennig is available for virtual meetings, emails, or phone calls.  The district will notify you when Mr. Hennig will be in town and available for face to face meetings. 
Retirement steps:
  • Contact TRS for retirement information
  • Work with a retirement advisor to complete the blue packet
  • Submit a resignation letter to Frenship ISD
  • Conduct an EXIT interview with HR prior to last day of employment
Other Financial Resource Contacts:
 Bobby Herndon / Horace Mann
Jeff Nicholas / Nicholas Financial 
National Benefits Services: