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Social Emotional Resources

We understand the COVID-19 outbreak may be stressful for many of our families. The fear and anxiety can be overwhelming for both adults and children. Your mental, social and emotional health are important to us. Our counselors have compiled a list of resources that we hope will help you during this time. 
lisa ribaudo, bennett elementary
Bennett Elementary
piper seawright crestview elementary
Crestview Elementary
tonya canchola
Legacy Elementary
holly mcDonald
North Ridge Elementary
Melissa Mann oak ridge elementary
Oak Ridge Elementary
misty speck upland heights
Upland Heights Elementary
qualimetra chapman westwind counselor
Westwind Elementary
Jessica Neitsch willow bend counselor
Willow Bend Elementary
chelsea Click
Frenship Middle School
chelsey cook heritage counselor
Heritage Middle School
courtney miller
Terra Vista Middle School
kristen hudgens
Ninth Grade Center
elizabeth rogers
Reese Education Center
amy smallwood
Frenship High School 
craig thomson
Frenship High School
Nicki morrison
Frenship High School
sara king
Frenship High School
deanna shulte
Frenship High School
julie Pratt
Frenship High School
How to talk to your child about COVID-19
Source: Child Mind Institute 
Additional Videos
National Association of School Psychologist: Talking to Children About COVID-19
Crisis Lines
Lubbock Crisis Line - 806-765-8393
STARCARE Lubbock Crisis Line - 806-740-1414
Texas Youth Hotline (Texas DFPS) - 1-800-989-6884 or TEXT 512-872-5777
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
Mental Health Apps
Calm - appealing meditation and relaxation for all ages
Headspace - guided meditation and mindfulness
Happify - activities, games, and meditation for stress and worry
Stop, Breathe, Think - appealing tool that guides meditation and promotes compassion
Dare - helps with anxiety
Coloring Book - (several options when searching app store)
Social Emotional Learning Activities
Each week, we will be adding fun activities for you and your family. Check back for more!

(1) Find something you are GRATEFUL for that makes you LAUGH

(2) Give a KIND compliment to a family member

(3) Find an INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE & share it with a peer, teacher, counselor, or family member

(4) ASK someone how they are

(5) Write a kind NOTE or MESSAGE to a friend

(6) Tell someone THANK YOU

(7) Go OUTSIDE and FIND: a plant, something yellow, & something that makes you smile

(8) Mindfulness 5-4-3-2-1: NAME 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell,1 thing you can taste

(9) Write a COMPLIMENT about yourself

(10) Find something you are GRATEFUL for that brings you JOY

(11) Go on a 5-10 minute walk and challenge yourself to not use any digital devices: Identify TEN things that start with the letter “R” on your walk

(12) What is the BEST part of Digital Learning/Remote Learning? Take a SELFIE (or a short video) of you & your response

(13) FIND something that represents COMPASSION

(14) Find something you are GRATEFUL for that you just learned/discovered

(15) As a BRAIN BREAK, do 20 Jumping Jacks, 15 Squats, 10 Lunges, 5 Push-ups

How It Works:

Maintaining social distance has become a necessity and many of us are missing just seeing other people including our neighbors or even just being outside.


With this in mind we invite you to eat a meal with your neighbors at a safe distance. Pick a night to set up a table and chairs or even just a blanket on your driveway and bring your dinner outdoors. You can enjoy the company of your neighbors across the street and next door!


Post the idea with a date and a time on your neighborhood Facebook group, another social media medium, or even just write it in chalk on some of the sidewalks on your block. See how many neighbors you can get to join in!

Get outside, eat a healthy meal and connect with your neighbors…..but keep the distance