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FISD Strategic Plan » 2016 Strategic Plan

2016 Strategic Plan

In 2016, Frenship ISD initiated a strategic planning process where community members, parents, students, and staff worked together to set goals for Frenship's future. That plan outlined strategic measurables on how the district would serve it's students and Frenship families over the next five years. Those goals can be seen below.

In the fall of 2021, Frenship ISD will once again start a new strategic planning process to map out the district's objectives, assess goals, our beliefs, and to determine how to best serve our Frenship families.

Frenship ISD Call to Action

Frenship will create a thriving environment where learners maximize their potential and emerge as empowered, equipped, and diverse leaders who engage and collaborate to positively impact communities.

Our Beliefs

  • People are the most important resource
  • A passion for learning is essential for success
  • A commitment to excellence results in a premier environment for our learners
  • Each learner has the opportunity to reach his/her potential
  • Character is essential to the development of leadership
  • Our district puts our learners first
  • Frenship is a community-centered district, grounded in our history, our achievements, and respectful of our culture

Our Strategic Measurables

  • All learners will engage in meaningful, relevant, hands-on learning experiences
  • All learners will be exposed to various fields of interest to cultivate a deeper understanding and passion for a successful future
  • All learners will be involved each day in collaborative, challenging, and engaging classroom experiences
  • All learners will demonstrate personal and academic progress in a variety of ways
  • All learners will take ownership of their educational experience in an environment that enables them to do so
  • All learners will be prepared for the college or career pathway of their choice
  • All learners will be able to effectively communicate through various methods

Frenship Goals and Specific Results

We will optimize partnerships with businesses and the community:

  • Expand partnerships that utilize staff, learners, business and community members 
  • Implement a K-12 approach for learners to experience hands-on, real world learning experiences 
  • Write protocols to define expectations and requirements for partnering with  the district


We will positively seek innovative solutions to address current and future growth while honoring Frenship’s rich tradition of excellence:

  • Identify the type, quantity and location of spaces to fully support the district’s growth and enrollment  
  • Expand course offerings to include accelerated, advanced, customized and virtual courses
  • Design innovative facilities to be multi-functional 
  • Prioritize furniture and classroom designs that are conducive with collaborative learning spaces  
  • Increase course offerings to include more options with weighted GPA credit 
  • Expand course offerings to include each career cluster area 
  • Expand efforts to recruit and retain high quality employees
  • Implement a flexible schedule that allows for a more efficient use of staffing
  • Expand a strong mentor program for new and existing hires


We will ensure authentic learning experiences and assessments:

  • Expand training for all staff focused on supporting learners success
  • Expand the implementation of the TIGERS learning framework 
  • Implement a coaching model for teachers and district leadership
  • Enhance and expand leadership development to cultivate leadership capacity of campus and district leaders
  • Educate teachers on effective strategies to use with diverse learners and families
  • Implement a teacher-to-teacher observation program to explore innovative ways to provide authentic learning experiences
  • Implement collaborative learning spaces to promote learners’ use of soft skills
  • Create a menu of product-based and presentation-based assessment options


We will establish and preserve the character, culture and traditions of Frenship ISD: 

  • Capture the attributes of the Frenship Way to preserve the culture in Frenship 
  • Develop a curriculum for teaching and training the Frenship Way
  • Implementation of character lessons for all levels for staff and learners
  • Create a Frenship tradition of excellence training model for New Hire Orientation 
  • Create a Frenship alumni program to promote the tradition of excellence in learners  


We will educate and protect district fiscal planning:

  • Educate all stakeholders about the sources, guidelines and impact of funding
  • Prioritize the allocation of resources and services to provide a thriving environment for all learners 
  • Develop a decision-making matrix based on district’s goals and belief statements
  • Develop conservation strategy for operational services


We will ensure consistent school and parent connections:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with all stakeholders by implementing a collaborative parent communication model
  • Create a protocol that focuses on communicating growth and progress of the learner


We will capitalize on all communication methods:

  • Implement a menu of communication tools to increase pathways with all stakeholders