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School Meal Menus

Each year, school districts are required by the state to review and set meal prices through a calculation tool provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture.Last year, federal legislation provided a waiver that allowed us to not increase student meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year. However, starting this year, our schools must go back to using the Texas Department of Agriculture formula and tool for setting school meal prices, resulting in an increase for the 2023-2024 school year.

EXCEPTION: Legacy Elementary, Westwind Elementary, and Willow Bend Elementary qualify for a federal program called Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), and all students at these three campuses will continue receiving free breakfast and lunch meals, regardless of financial condition. No action is needed to receive the free meals at these campuses.
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2023-2024 Meal Prices
Student Full Price: $1.20
Student Reduced: FREE
Visitor: $3.25
Student Full Price: $2.65
Student Reduced: $0.40
Visitor: $5.00
*As noted above, all students at Legacy Elementary, Westwind Elementary, and Willow Bend Elementary will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost. This only applies to students at these three campuses. 
Aramark is committed to providing safe, nutritious food, prepared fresh daily. We align with prominent global food companies to buy the highest quality products available. Our menus are created from an extensive database of age-segmented recipes, developed by our Culinary Team (of dietitians, chefs, and purchasing specialists) and manufacturer partners. We collaborate with parents to accommodate the dietary requirements of students with special needs. 
For your students, we offer a variety of meal choices with one goal in mind: To provide outstanding service and high quality "kid-friendly" meals that meet or exceed the latest federal and state requirements. To reach this goal, we: 
  • work directly with food companies to set new industry standards for healthier foods, by requiring all key products meet our criteria to reduce or eliminate fats, salt and sugars, and to add whole grains. 
  • Incorporate wholesome, natural ingredients, and source foods rich in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, like whole-grain breads, pastas and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables (local when available), low fat or non-fat milk, other reduced-fat dairy options, and lean, low-fat chicken, beef and fish.
  • Source high-quality safe foods with no added trans fats, hormone and antibiotic-free dairy products, poultry raised without hormones and with only humane use of antibiotics, sustainably produced seafood, and cage-free eggs.
  • Use minimally-processed foods, and foods without artificial ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, whenever possible. 
The products and cooking methods we use conserve food quality and nutrients while limiting the addition of fats and eliminating frying. So although you may see popular items like pizza and chicken nuggets on your menus, you can rest assured that your child's meal selections are lower in fat and salt and contain healthy whole grains.