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Dual Residency



Dual Residency is utilized when a parent or guardian is living within Frenship ISD boundaries at a residence that is not their own (they neither own, rent nor lease the property).  A Frenship ISD Dual Residency must be completed annually.  Both the owner/leaser of the property and the parent/guardian who will be living at that property will be expected to complete and sign a Residency Affidavit that requires notarization by our staff.

Parents/guardians must complete the Dual Residency online application and follow the steps below to provide the required documents.


The following individuals must be present when completing a Frenship ISD Dual Residency:

  • The property owner/leaser of the property where residency will be established. This person’s name must appear on the lease or utility bill provided to show residency within Frenship ISD boundaries.
  • The parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student(s) who will reside at the above residence.

*Due to COVID-19 and the need to limit the number of people in our facilities, we are asking that ONLY the property owner and parent/guardian visit the school to provide the documents below.

The following documents must be provided when completing a Frenship ISD Dual Residency:

  • VALID Driver’s License of the owner/leaser of the property where residency will occur. The license must match the address of the proof of residence.
  • VALID Driver’s License of the parent/guardian enrolling the student(s). This license must have the new address of the residence. A temporary new license from DPS is acceptable. Driver's licenses can be changed by going to the Texas DPS Office at 1404 Lubbock Business Park Blvd. #100 in Lubbock or by changing it HERE online for $11.00. Be sure to print off the confirmation page. We cannot process the dual residency without the proof that license has been updated to match the current address.
  • CURRENT lease or utility bill (water, gas or electric) of the residence. The property owner/leaser of the property’s name must appear on the bill.
  • Check or money order for $35.00 (If paying with a card, a fee will be added for a total of $36.46)

Falsifying information on a sworn affidavit is a criminal offense under Section 37.01 of the Texas Penal Code.  Residency checks will be made periodically by Frenship ISD staff.  Child(ren) will be withdrawn from Frenship ISD if it is determined that information has been falsified and/or the child(ren) are not residing at the residence stated on the sworn affidavit.

If requirements for a Frenship ISD Dual Residency cannot be met, then the parent/guardian will need to set up an appointment with the Director of Student Services.

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