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Frenship ISD

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Employment Policies

DAA Equal Employment Opportunity
DC Employment Practices
DCB Term Contracts
DEA Salaries, Wages, & Stipends
DEC Leaves & Absences
DFAC Return to Probationary Status
DFBA Term Contracts:  Suspensions / Terminations
DFBB Term Contracts;  Non-Renewals
DFD Hearing Before the Examiner
DFE Resignation
DFF Reduction in Force
DGBA Employee Complaints / Grievances
DH Employee Standard of Conduct
DIA and FFH -  Employee / Student  - Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
DHE Searches & Drug / Alcohol Testing
DI Employee Welfare
DK Assignments & Schedules
DN Performance Appraisal
DNA Performance Appraisal
FFG Student Welfare / Child Abuse and Neglect
Grievance Form
Title IX Coordinator - Employee and Student