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Emergency Procedures

The safety and security of our students and staff is of utmost importance to us. Please remember that, in the event of a campus emergency, parents might be notified through the School Messenger System and/or our FISD Social Media outlets. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your contact information up-to-date with in Skyward. In the event of an emergency, please follow all directions from the FISD staff. Parents who attempt to come to the school during a crisis can prevent first responders from arriving on the scene and may complicate an already difficult situation. Therefore, it is imperative that parents wait for further guidance from school staff, as the safety and security of our students are the priority in our decision-making processes. Our staff has been trained in emergency processes and we work very closely with local, city and county law enforcement officials to assure that emergency processes are efficient. Emergency preparedness is ongoing.
The following questions and answers are designed to help parents and students understand Frenship's emergency procedures.

Emergency preparedness for a school district involves four elements - prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. We follow all guidance from the National Incident Management System(NIMS) and Incident Command Protocol(ICP). Frenship ISD has established a District Emergency Response Plan (EOP) that provides for procedures & processes for all of these elements. Frenship ISD has developed a great relationship with local emergency law enforcement and personnel in the city and county. We work with these agencies to develop our emergency plans. Frenship ISD prepares for a wide range of events and crises.

Not exactly. Releasing sensitive portions could increase the risk to students and staff by allowing the plans to come into the hands of those who may pose a risk to our campuses and other facilities. Texas law exempts sensitive information to be disclosed publicly. There is a general portion that Texas law allows to be released, upon request.
This is a difficult question to answer. The specific actions taken by Frenship ISD will vary depending on the nature of the emergency. Every emergency or crises is different, but we want to assure parents that we work with and prepare our staff for an emergency situation. Our district uses the Standard Response Protocol developed by the I Love You Guys Foundation.
Yes. Depending upon the nature of the crises or emergency, it may be necessary to restrict access to a school campus to anyone who is not emergency personnel or necessary school staff. In some instances, a campus may be in a “Lockout” or “Lockdown” where protocol dictates that no person be allowed in or out.
A lockdown is an internal procedure where the campus is secured, and all external and internal doors are locked. In this situation all children and staff remain secure in a classroom or a secure locked area. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building during a lockdown.
A “shelter” is an internal procedure where students and staff are kept inside the school facility to protect them from an external hazard such as a weather-related event or chemical hazard. Students may be moved internally to a "safe" room or a room that has limited access to windows & doors.
An evacuation is an emergency response when staff and students are ordered to leave the school building. An evacuation may occur due to any internal safety concern, such as a fire.
A parent / student reunification site is normally a physical location separate from the facility where the crisis or emergency occurred. It is there that parents are reunited with their students in a controlled and orderly process. A communication from the district will be sent giving instructions as to where the reunification site and other important information.
Students will only be released to individuals who are authorized on the enrollment card that is pulled from Skyward. Appropriate identification will be required to access your child.
Frenship ISD will release information by School Messenger callout or have staff members to direct parents to the reunification site. Frenship will also post information on our website and could utilize local media outlets as well as social media to assist in releasing information.
Frenship ISD will be communication with Durham Transportation via cell phone and radios during any crisis. There is an emergency process that is in place to communicate with Durham to give direction during an emergency. Parents will be informed if a parent / student reunification site is established. For the safety of the students, it is important that parents not approach any bus while it is in route or in a secured location. Drivers are instructed not to stop or allow a parent or unauthorized person to board a bus.
Your child's teacher, campus administrator and members of the special education staff have discussed plans for those children with special needs and those plans are practiced when the campus has drills. This can be anything from assuring that medication is available during an emergency to the movement of handicapped children during a crisis.
As a parent, we all want to make sure that our children are safe and secure during an emergency. However, in a crisis situation, a cell phone ring could create immediate danger to your child and other students. Also, depending on the emergency, cell phone usage could cause cell towers and relay stations to become overburdened, which may cause a shutdown or delay in getting emergency calls through. Our staff is aware that students will likely want to communicate with family in emergency situations and we encourage that communication. We ask that students follow instructions from staff or law enforcement about appropriate use for the situation. Be aware, there are situations where it is safer for the student to not have their cellphone in their hand and may not immediately respond to you.