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Frenship ISD

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Frenship Growth

Frenship ISD has continued to grow since its beginning in 1935. The housing boom in the areas south and southwest of Lubbock and in Wolfforth, the ongoing growth of the Milwaukee corridor, the completion of the Marsha Sharp Freeway, and the eventual completion of Loop 88, all ensure that Frenship ISD will continue to face the challenges of growth for many years to come. 
Thriving and growing school districts are a vital component of strong communities and continuing economic progress. Frenship now serves 11,500 students, a 35% increase over the last decade. Recognized as one of the fastest growing districts in Texas, Frenship welcomes hundreds of new students each year, and we will continue to see a 2-5% increase in enrollment annually. Currently, we have 15 campuses: Frenship High School, Frenship Ninth Grade Center, Reese Education Center, four middle schools, and eight elementary schools. 
Experiencing rapid growth, Frenship is outgrowing some of the existing facilities. Based on expert and demographic studies, some of the Frenship campuses, including Frenship High School, are expected to reach capacity by 2023. Demographers project Frenship ISD will serve 33,000 students in 50 years.  


  • Frenship ISD is designated as a Fast Growth School District and was the 15th fastest growing district in Texas from 2012 to 2018 for districts with more than 8,000 students. 
  • Student Enrollment has surpassed 11,500
  • Enrollment increases 2-5% each year
  • Frenship High School projected to reach capacity in 2023
  • Approximately 43% of all new single-family homes in Lubbock County are in the Frenship School District
  • Growth in housing developments include: Bushland Springs (450+ new homes), Preston Manor (340+ new homes), Upland Crossing (900+ new homes),  Escondido Ranch (plans for approximately 1,000 lots), Westmont (plans for approximately 1,000 lots)
  • Lubbock added more than 7,000 new jobs over the last two years and was voted one of the best cities in 2020 to find a job by WalletHub
  • Frenship ISD has been given the highest rating for financial integrity by the state of Texas for the last 15 years and currently has a 'Superior' rating with the highest score in the District's history
  • Frenship ISD has a AAA Bond Rating by Fitch meaning the District is fiscally responsible and has a history of paying debt on time