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Bond Projects


Construction of New Schools 

More than 90% of the bond is dedicated to building additional schools and renovating existing facilities to accommodate increased student enrollment. This includes the construction of a ninth elementary school, fourth middle school, and a second comprehensive high school. Click the buttons below for more information on each project.

Re-purposing Current Facilities

The 2020 bond has two major re-purposing projects. With the construction of Memorial High School, our second comprehensive high school, the current Ninth Grade Center will no longer be used for high school students. The NGC will be re-purposed and serve as the Frenship Middle School. Right now, Frenship Middle School is currently housed in the oldest Frenship building still being used as an instructional facility. The projected timeline has FMS moving to the NGC in the fall of 2025.
As we see student enrollment steadily climbing, the number of staff members is also increasing. Once FMS students and staff are relocated, that building will be used for additional professional learning space and District offices. 
Right now, the FHS Ninth Grade Center is an extension of the main Frenship High School campus. NGC students share facilities at the high school such as the band hall, choir hall, and other athletic facilities. 
In the current Bond 2020 plans, the NGC will be re-purposed and serve as the Frenship Middle School. This would include $10 million for additions to the NGC to create a stand-alone middle school with facilities that are equitable to the other Frenship middle schools. Those additions include a fine arts wing with band and choir halls and athletic facilities such as a practice field and game day field designated specifically for the middle school. 

Tentative Timeline

  • Fall 2023 - Doors open to Alcove Trails Middle School (middle school #4 for the District)
  • Fall 2024 - Begin renovations to Frenship High School
  • Fall 2024 - Doors open to Ridgewood Elementary (#9 for the District)
  • Fall 2025 - Doors open to Memorial High School (#2 for the District)
  • Fall 2025 - Repurpose Ninth Grade Center to Frenship Middle School

Completed Projects

Immediately after the passage of the 2020 Bond, Frenship ISD began working on the bond projects. As of today, many of the projects have been completed including the following:
  • Districtwide phone system upgrades
  • Districtwide technology infrastructure enhancements
  • Districtwide parking lot maintenance including seal coating, re-striping, pavement patching, repairing curbs, and repainting fire zones
  • Districtwide energy management upgrades 
  • Safety and security upgrades to locks and keys
  • Frenship High School baseball and softball turf field installation and new outfield fences
    • The new fences are safer for our student athletes and allow for more give if you run into the fence
  • Three elementary playground upgrades (Bennett Elementary, North Ridge Elementary, Legacy Elementary) with added safety features and new equipment
    • Additional playground upgrades at other campuses are included in the bond projects
  • Five elementary gym floor upgrades with added safety features such as shock-absorption and slip-resistant floors with vinyl rubber with longer durability 
    • The other three elementary campuses already had the upgraded floors