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For Parents

The Frenship ISD Police Department is committed to a partnership with parents, educators and students in maintaining a safe learning environment.  Please consider the following points of information:

  • Students who walk to School and Home;
    • Set a prescribe route to and from school that is visible to traffic and yourself (avoid alleys, parking lots, etc.).  Advise them to always stay visible to the general public.
    • Use the sidewalks, stay of the streets or roads. 
    • Do allow your student to accept rides home without your permission or knowledge.
    • Have your student contact you when they leave school and when they get home.
    • Advise your student's school that your student walks to and from school, provide the school with your student route, and cell phone number.
    • Always provide your student with a method of contacting you or a person that you trust.
  • Students who ride the school bus;
    • Advise your student to always ride the same bus.
    • Ask for the route and arrival times of the bus.
    • Obey the bus drivers directives.
    • Report offensive or unlawful conduct to the driver.
    • Know the driver's name.
  • Student's who drive to school;
    • Must have a valid driver's license on their person at all times.
    • The vehicle must have financial responsibility.
    • Parent's can not allow unlicensed driver's to use their vehicles (TX Law).
    • Must have a parking permit issued by the campus.
    • The driver is lawfully in possession of all items in the vehicle (legal or illegal).
    • FISD Police issue traffic citations that are summon by the Lubbock County courts.
    • Vehicles parked on FISD properties are subject to lawful searches by the police and school officials.
  • Become informed of the Student Code of Conduct, such as;
    • Prohibited items at schools and school activities that may be unlawful.
    • Conduct that may be unlawful.