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Frequently Asked Questions

To be identified as a fast-growth school district, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Enrollment of at least 2,500 students during the previous school year; and 
  • Enrollment growth over the last five years of at least 10%; or 
  • A net increase of 3,500 or more students. 

Of the 1,031 school districts in Texas, the 75 fastest-growing districts enroll more than 33% of Texas’ public school children, according to the Fast Growth School Coalition. Frenship ISD is recognized as one of the top 50 fastest-growing school districts in Texas.  

As of the 2023-2024 school year, Frenship ISD enrollment exceeded 11,500 students and the District continues to see 2-5% growth annually. Demographers project Frenship ISD will serve between 28,000 - 33,000 students in 50 years. 

Frenship ISD has continued to grow since its beginning in 1935. The housing boom in the areas south and southwest of Lubbock and in Wolfforth, the ongoing growth of the Milwaukee corridor, the completion of the Marsha Sharp Freeway, and the eventual completion of Loop 88, all forecast that Frenship ISD will continue to face the challenges of growth for many years to come. 

Current construction of several housing developments including Bushland Springs, Preston Manor, Escondido Ranch, Harvest, and Upland Crossing will add thousands of new homes to Frenship ISD over the next few years.  

More than 90% of the proposed bond is dedicated to building additional schools and renovating existing facilities to accommodate increased student enrollment. 

Bond projects include:  

  • Construction of a second comprehensive high school: Frenship Memorial High School
  • Construction of a fourth middle school: Alcove Trails Middle School
  • Construction of a ninth elementary school: Ridgewood Elementary School 
  • Frenship High School renovations 
  • Re-purposing Ninth Grade Center to be the new location of Frenship Middle School 
  • Re-purposing Frenship Middle School for professional development space and district offices
  • Elementary renovations 
  • Capital improvements including safety and security enhancements, infrastructure upgrades, HVAC, and roofing 
Tax Impact During Passage of the Bond
In November of 2020, voters within the Frenship district approved the 2020 Bond. Below is the information related to the tax impact at the time the bond was passed. 
Frenship ISD 2019-2020 Tax Rate: $1.42 per $100 Valuation
Frenship ISD 2020-2021 Tax Rate: $1.4281 per $100 Valuation
The average home value in Frenship ISD was $191,519
Monthly impact on average homeowner: $1.12
Annual Impact on average homeowner: $13.44
Current Tax Rate Information for the 2023-2024 School Year
The average home value in Frenship ISD: $220,701
Frenship ISD 2023-2024 Tax Rate: $1.15900
I&S Rate: $0.48
M&O Rate: $0.67900

Taxes paid by taxpayers over 65 are capped at the amount paid in the year they turned 65 and cannot increase beyond that amount unless they make improvements to their property.   

At this time, we cannot accurately predict the classification until attendance boundaries are set. 

Below is the proposed timeline for the currently planned construction projects: 

  • Fall 2023 - Alcove Trails Middle School opened it's doors (fourth middle school for the District). 
  • Fall 2024 - Begin renovations to Frenship High School
  • Fall 2024 - Doors open to Ridgewood Elementary (#9 for the District). Ridgewood Elementary will be located one block east of Alcove Avenue on 58th Street.
  • Fall 2025 - Doors open to Frenship Memorial High School(#2 for the District). Frenship Memorial High School will be located in the area of 46th Street and Upland Avenue.
  • Fall 2025 - Repurpose Ninth Grade Center to Frenship Middle School

The bond projects include the construction of a new high school, fourth middle school, and a ninth elementary.  

Frenship Memorial High School – 2,500 student capacity 

Alcove Trails Middle School – 1,000 student capacity 

Ridgewood Elementary School – 800 student capacity 

These are big decisions and they're ones we will not make alone. Over the next few years, Frenship will work closely and collaborate with community members, parents, students, local business owners, and other Frenship stakeholders as we prepare for the opening of our three new campuses.
  • Fall 2022 - Frenship ISD held public town hall meetings and gathered feedback and input from parents, students, staff, and community members on the proposed attendance boundaries for Frenship's four middle schools. Frenship also pushed out a public survey that allowed the Frenship community to submit names for the fourth middle school. 
  • January 2023 - After months of collecting feedback, the Frenship Board of Trustees approved the new middle school boundaries and name for the fourth middle school, Alcove Trails Middle School.
  • Fall 2023 - Frenship ISD will host several public town hall meetings to discussed the proposed elementary and high school attendance boundaries. In November, the Frenship community will have the opportunity to submit name nominations for both elementary #9 and high school #2.
  • January 2024 - The Frenship ISD Board of Trustees will approve the elementary and high school attendance boundaries. They will also approve the school name for elementary #9 and high school #2.
  • Spring 2024 - With the help from the Frenship community and students, Frenship ISD will start the process of selecting the color and mascot for high school #2. 
With the construction of a second high school, the current FHS Ninth Grade Center (NGC) will no longer be needed for high school students. The NGC will be re-purposed and serve as Frenship Middle School (FMS). Right now, Frenship Middle School is currently housed in the oldest Frenship building still being used as an instructional facility. The projected timeline would have FMS moving to the NGC in the fall of 2025. 
Right now, the FHS Ninth Grade Center is an extension of the main Frenship High School campus. NGC students share facilities located at the high school such as the band hall, choir hall, and other athletic facilities. In the current plans, the NGC will be re-purposed and serve as the Frenship Middle School.
This will include additions to the NGC to create a stand-alone middle school with facilities that are equitable to the other Frenship middle schools. Those additions include a fine arts wing with band and choir halls and athletic facilities such as a practice field and game day field designated specifically for the middle school. 
As we see student enrollment steadily climbing, the number of staff members is also increasing. Once Frenship Middle School is relocated to the current Ninth Grade Center, that building will be used for additional professional learning space and District offices.